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KET is hosting a series on mental health called "You Are Not Alone". Check it out online.
Babies under 6 months: To prevent sunburn the AAP recommends that infants avoid sun exposure, and are dressed in lightweight...
Schools will only accept the official certificate with the Kentucky state seal on them. They will not accept a printed list. Follow these simple steps to print it at home. You can also save it to your desktop and email it to the school.
Dr. Bolling interviewed by CBS News regarding the chicken pox outbreak.

Dr. Deis interviewed at Cincinnati Edition public radio program regarding vaccinations. Listen to Chickenpox Outbreak At Northern Kentucky School, Student Sues from Cincinnati Edition in Podcasts. 
We are already starting to see some kids with allergy symptoms, so don't be fooled by the colder weather. It's time to start your seasonal allergy medicine.  There are now many options over the counter, but if they aren't helping or you have questions give us a call! You can also get more information on our medical conditions section of the website and links to more information on the Links & Resources section.
We know how challenging it can be to squeeze in all the responsibilities that you and your family have. Our patients have asked for more availability for school and routine check-ups later in the day and we heard you! Pediatric Associates is proud to announce that we will have availability for Tuesday and Thursday evening check-ups in the Crestview Hills office this spring and summer.  We expect these appointments to be very popular, so call soon if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.
Kerry Brown (McPhail) is a parenting specialist who became part of our team through a grant from TriHealth, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Beech Acres Parenting Center.  Her services are free for our families and she is here to help with sleep issues, school refusal, toilet training, anxiety, attention problems and lots of other parenting challenges. You can reach Kerry by messaging her at or calling at 513-570-0941. 
Did you know you can request an ill or well visit on our online patient portal?
Ill appointment requests can be sent in after hours for a call back the next morning. When the office is open please continue to call for appointments for quicker scheduling. Well appointments can be requested in advance and your call will be returned the following day.
Emmaly Meier, M.S., LPP is now offering psychological counseling
services and psychological testing to the patients of Pediatric Associates
Emmaly has appointments available on Mondays and Thursdays at the
Crestview Hills “Down Under” office location.
Please visit Emmaly’s website: for additional information.
You can also reach her by calling 859-888-1716.
We have recently launched our new Instagram Account. Now stay up-to-date with all things happening with Pediatric Associates. Be our friends and follow us today.
Kentucky HEALTH is Governor Bevin’s signature Medicaid program that stands for “Helping to
Engage and Achieve Long Term Health.” Also called an “1115 Medicaid Waiver,” this program is an
alternative to traditional Medicaid, meaning that the federal government has “waived” certain
rules, allowing Kentucky to make changes to the way Medicaid is administered.
It’s official!  The efforts to create an awareness campaign for parents, caregivers, and anyone looking for an easy way to find programs before entering Kindergarten is LIVE!  If you have not visited thier website, you can check it out now at  Also, check out the attached image of the billboard currently sharing their message on 71/75 S near the cut in the hill.     
Some children will develop redness and swelling after vaccines.  This soft tissue reaction can be a small area, but sometimes it is a larger area. This can happen with any vaccine and is not considered an infection or allergic reaction. Many children are not symptomatic from this (it looks worse than it feels).  Simple measures to help relieve pain or itching include cold compresses, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and children's Benadryl. 
The attached video details why we recommend the HPV vaccine for all boys and girls age 11 to 26 years. 
We now have in stock the Meningitis B vaccine. This is different from the 4 strain meningitis vaccine we give at age 11 and again at age 16. It is currently not required in Kentucky. There have been Meningitis B outbreaks at a few colleges in the U.S.

We are pleased to announce that Whitney Rich is now offering her services to our patients. 
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