Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), it is estimated that as many as 1 out of 5 children experience a mental disorder in a given year.  Has your child/teen been more stressed this month? 
Posted: 5/12/2022 7:53:17 AM by Brandon Ervin

Fostering Resiliency in Children

There has been a lot of talk about resilience and how important it is for the health and wellness of our children, families, and communities.
Posted: 4/25/2022 6:15:10 AM by Charlie Cavallo

Dealing with Anger

Everyone gets angry, but figuring out what to do and how to manage those angry feelings can sometimes be a little bit difficult, especially for younger kids. 
Posted: 4/16/2022 5:57:08 AM by Charlie Cavallo

Early Childhood Behavioral Health

Many times, we think of mental health therapy as trying to get comfortable on an office couch while we talk about our current day-to-day stressors or rehash past traumatic experiences in an effort to move forward, improve our functioning, and live our best lives. Well, drop the “talk” out of it for our youngest and we can help our kiddos resolve their own stressors and negative experiences as well! Welcome to the world of Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH), chock full of strategies from various modalities of therapy to help assist your littles in improving their functioning at home, daycare, school, etc.
Posted: 3/17/2022 7:05:17 AM by Brandon Ervin

Parenting a Child With ADHD

The recommended treatment for ADHD is commonly a combination of medication and counseling for skill building.  But parents can help out at home.  Here are some suggestions to help create an environment at home to foster your child’s success with ADHD:
Posted: 2/17/2022 2:00:47 PM by Brandon Ervin

PANK Blog: Winter Family Activities

Hi all, Megan here – the Early Childhood Counselor here at PANK. I know we’re all struggling with this recent drop in temperatures and feeling contained within our homes to avoid those blustery winds and cold chills. If you’re looking for ways to nurture positive relationships with your kids as we’re all stuck inside together during these cold wintry days, look no further! There are plenty of ways to engage with your kids in positive, fun, and even helpful ways, all in the comfort and warmth of your own home! Here are a few of my favorite suggestions!
Posted: 1/7/2022 6:03:49 AM by Brandon Ervin

Seasonal Depression

Many individuals can suffer from Seasonal Depression.  Seasonal Depression can begin during late fall or early winter and go away during spring or summer. 
Posted: 12/18/2021 1:27:16 PM by Charlie Cavallo

Healthy Holidays

With the days becoming shorter and the weather becoming colder, it’s easy to develop the winter blues. The holidays may also be a time that feels overwhelming to you. We want you to stay mentally healthy through the winter and through the holiday season! Here are a few activities to engage in to keep your spirits lifted. 
Posted: 11/23/2021 6:29:10 AM by Brandon Ervin

The Importance of Floor Time with Your Kids

Hi All! Megan here, the early childhood counselor with the Pediatric Associates! We all know that SpOoOoOky season is upon us and the imaginations of our young kiddos are blazing away with creativity, fun imagery, and play. Sooo … why not join them?!
Posted: 10/18/2021 8:38:38 AM by Charlie Cavallo

Reducing Stress

Hello! My name is Hannah and I’m a licensed professional clinical counselor at Pediatric Associates. You can find me at the Crestview Hills and Cold Spring offices! I am excited to share some information on the 10-20-10 rule for intentional interaction. It is no secret that 2021 has been stressful for everyone. According to the CDC children and adolescents are reporting higher levels of stress than ever before
Posted: 9/23/2021 6:34:30 AM by Brandon Ervin