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Healthy Weight Awareness Month

January is healthy weight awareness month.  For a lot of us, it can be challenging to find the motivation to get moving in the middle of winter (and especially during a COVID winter).  However, it is vital that we keep our bodies moving to promote optimum physical and mental health.  Physical activity stimulates the release of proteins that cause nerve cells to grow and make new connections - improving overall brain function.  The result? It can make you feel better, as well as decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and emotional dysregulation.
Posted: 1/19/2021 6:03:56 AM by Brandon Ervin

Why We Recommend the COVID 19 Vaccine

shot-(1).pngA lot of folks are asking us if we recommend the COVID 19 vaccine. The resounding answer is YES! This is our best way to get past the pandemic.  We are confident that the vaccines approved by the FDA are safe and effective.
Posted: 1/18/2021 6:52:37 AM by Brandon Ervin

Ten Essentials for a Healthy Brain

We all know COVID has thrown us through a few hoops. Here are some quick tips to stay emotionally and mentally healthy.
Posted: 12/11/2020 10:49:23 AM by Brandon Ervin

The Dilemma of Testing for COVID 19

Many of us are worried about contracting and/or spreading COVID-19.  It has certainly disrupted all our lives this year!  Parents are struggling with many decisions – in person vs remote learning, attending sporting events and playdates, going out to eat at a restaurant, working from home vs going in to work, to name a few.  One of the things we at Pediatric Associates PSC find challenging is who to test and how.
Posted: 10/7/2020 6:33:27 AM by Brandon Ervin

KY AAP Adolescent Health Forum on Anxiety

Being stuck at home is especially difficult for teens, who thrive on social connections with their peers. Teen’s job is to distance themselves from their parents and family and become more independent. We need to support our teens in continuing to engage in this developmental task during this period of social distancing. 
Posted: 4/8/2020 3:44:58 PM by Charlie Cavallo

The Importance of Keeping Your Child's Vaccine Schedule On Time

At Pediatric Associates NKY we are strong believers in the routine childhood immunization schedule as recommended by the CDC, AAP, and other organizations.  In this era of COVID-19 we cannot stress enough that we want our families to keep their well visit appointments for all children birth to age 2 years, age 4 years, and age 11 years.  These are required by Kentucky laws and will help prevent other outbreaks. 
Posted: 4/1/2020 6:13:19 AM by Charlie Cavallo

We Would Like to Thank Dr. Bolling for Serving as the Chair of the AAP Section on Obesity at Both the National and State Level.

Here are some of his thoughts as his tenure ended.
Posted: 3/19/2020 6:17:45 AM by Brandon Ervin

Cow's Milk or Non-Dairy Alternatives

In an effort to avoid exposing kids to perceived or real allergens, parents have increasingly turned to non-dairy milk alternatives for their children. These alternatives are promoted as "healthy" and "wholesome". 
Posted: 3/2/2020 6:28:32 AM by Brandon Ervin


What is a fever?
What is the cause?
How long will it last?
How can I take care of my child?
Avoid Aspirin
When should I call my child’s health care provider?
How do I take my babies’ temperature?
Dosing Charts
Posted: 1/8/2020 11:52:56 AM by Brandon Ervin

Help! My Child Will Not Take This Medicine.

It’s bedtime and your child is tired, but they need to take their medication and they refuse.  It’s the wrong color, it tastes bad, the pill is too big, it smells weird, it feels funny on their tongue.  Have you had this happen to you? Are you so frustrated and hate this nightly occurrence? Or even worse, has it made you late in the morning because of the ongoing refusal from your child.  You are not alone! Children have a mind of their own and some may have sensory issues but they still have to take their medications. How can this experience be more positive for both the caregiver and the child? Let’s talk about compounding.
Posted: 12/17/2019 7:07:52 AM by Brandon Ervin