Good Snacking Habits

Considering that kids typically consume more than a quarter of their daily calories from snacks, it is important to address this important nutrition source with our patients.  My friend and fellow pediatrician at Ohio State, Bob Murray, even feels that we should not be calling these snacks but planned mini-meals, with all that implies.  Rather than snack foods which tend to be all carbs, planned mini-meals should sample from all food groups, occur at a regular time and place, and should be thought out.  None of us choose wisely when pressed for time and on the fly. 

The following article contains some nice tips for making better snack choices in 2018:  And here is a helpful handout on snacking, for your families, from our friends at the Ohio Chapter of AAP:
Chris Bolling, MD
KY-AAP Obesity Chair

Posted: 1/23/2018 11:40:52 AM | with 0 comments