We Would Like to Thank Dr. Bolling for Serving as the Chair of the AAP Section on Obesity at Both the National and State Level.

Obesity continues to ravage communities, states and healthcare budgets. Despite public attention straying to the next shiny object, pediatric obesity continues to bring adult diseases to ever younger patients. And even though our appearances on the nightly news have been displaced by other stories, we must continue to increase awareness and improve care for obesity, the illness that single handedly is lowering our national life expectancy. Our challenge is great; almost overwhelming.

And here is my call: we cannot afford to be divided. Our fight is not a zero-sum game. Our fight is about national agricultural policy AND local childcare guidelines. It is about healthy nutrition AND about accessible physical activity. It is about making bariatric surgery accessible AND helping parents prevent picky eating. It is about prevention AND treatment. And our fight is about helping patients wherever they are. We need community-based programs. We need evidence-based commercial programs. We need more tertiary care centers. We need primary care docs who can manage obesity. We need subspecialists who do not shy away from patients with obesity. We need more pharmacologic approaches for kids with obesity. We need more surgical centers who can effectively treat obesity. And, we need a society that embraces obesity as a disease and helps patients who suffer from that disease. We need all of these things and more."
Chris Bolling, MD
KY-AAP Obesity Chair
Crestview Hills, KY 41017

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