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Happy Employee Anniversary!

Holli Works celebrates her 5 year anniversary with Pediatric Associates this month! Thank you Holli for your many years of service.


COVID Vaccine Rollout


We now have Pfizer COVID vaccine available in our Crestview Hills office.We are all antsy to get back to a more normal life, and, thanks to the miracle of modern science, we are! These vaccines work better than our wildest dreams. Safe, super-effective and easy to obtain, we could not be happier with them. Let's get back to our normal lives. Get your shot today if you haven't already!


Please call to schedule an appointment if your child is 12 or older and has not received a vaccine yet. We can also provide the second Pfizer vaccine even if they got their first vaccine somewhere else. We recommend the vaccine for all of our patients. If you have specific questions please check this resource or call to speak to our nurses.

If your child has completed the COVID-19 vaccine series, please let us know so we can add it to your records. You may fax your card to 859-578-3172 or email our medical records department


Thank You for Your Patience with Our Renovation, PANK Family

There has been a lot of dust and plaster laying around our Mt. Zion office lately, but our office refresh is almost complete. This was a special 20 year anniversary for that office, and we think you will like the new look. Thanks again for bearing with us as we try to improve your experience!


The Frazzles


We are forming a new small group this summer for 6th to 8th grade girls. The group will meet once a week for six weeks in June and July. It is designed to help manage stress and mood. Topics covered will include understanding stress, health coping strategies, essentials for a healthy brain, positive self-talk, and systems of support.
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New PANK Provider! Megan Martin

Megan graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and from Northern Kentucky University in 2014 with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Megan is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor/Supervisor in the states of Ohio and Kentucky, as well as credentialed in Early Childhood Mental Health. Megan has experience ranging from working with children and families to adolescents and adults in a variety of different areas, including school-based and outpatient mental health services, addictions and recovery, the diagnosis and treatment of severe mental illnesses, and the provision of individual and group therapy. She will be seeing patients 8 and under on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.

Megan provides additional therapy services for a nonprofit agency in greater Cincinnati. Megan specializes in and enjoys working with the early childhood population (ages 8 and under) to help shape and nurture the emotional and social development of our young children. Megan has 3 young children of her own, loves to volunteer with a local animal rescue, and is working on her green thumb.



Travel Medicine Video


Dr. Steve Warrick goes over some details on our Travel Medicine visits that we have available and some important things when traveling abroad.







Masks continue at Pediatric Associates

With the new policies regarding masking in Kentucky and from the CDC, at Pediatric Associates we are a medical provider and therefore our staff will continue to wear masks and we will continue to require masks be worn by patients and family members while in our office. We continue to keep the health of our patients, families and staff as our top priority by doing all we can to prevent exposures to COVID-19. We continue to support and encourage vaccinations for all who are eligible to receive them. We hope that as more people are vaccinated and community numbers decline, we will be able to eventually return to visits without the need for masks.



Portal Registration

If you have not registered for our new portal now is the time. It keeps getting better and better! Results for all tests or labs that we do in our office or order for you are available on the portal. You may even get the results before your provider sees them. You can request a medication refill and various forms. Soon you will be able to request appointments too. We can also post documents to the portal so you do not have to pick them up in the office. To sign up email with your child(ren) name and date of birth. You will receive an email with your PIN within one business day.


Other News



Need a Sports Physical?

Now is a great time to get your annual (and sports!) physical. We can fill out any forms for school, camps, and sports at your child’s annual well visit. In addition to giving vaccines, we screen for many other ailments like high cholesterol, behavioral health concerns, anemia, scoliosis and so much more. There are many reasons to get your annual/sports physical with us in the office. And don't forget, your physical here is good for a year. There is no need to go elsewhere for a last-minute sports physical if you have had your annual physical with us. We can complete your forms based on that visit all year long! 



Don't Fall for Vaccine Conspiracy Theories!

Like the false theories out there on other vaccines, conspiracy theories about the new COVID vaccines are all over social media. And like other conspiracy theories, these theories are spread by people with something to gain from spreading the misinformation. In the case of the COVID vaccine, it looks like we have Russian social media "bots" to thank, yet again. Don't fall for it! When you have the opportunity to get the COVID vaccine, please know that we are in full support of you getting it. We have!



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