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Behavioral Health!

Pediatric Associates has expanded our behavioral health team. We are pleased to announce that Polly Rose will be our behavioral health coordinator. She will do her best to make sure your child's needs are addressed. Our counseling staff has grown over the spring with the addition of Melissa Haag-Costin. She is already busy seeing patients and brings a wealth of counseling and leadership experience. For more information please see the behavioral health page on our website.



New Medical Assistants

We would like to welcome our newest medical assistants Leslie and Mikayla. Leslie comes to us from Gallatin County Schools and also has experience in primary care practice. Mikayla joins us from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Rheumatology clinic. If you see them please welcome them!



Happy Employee Anniversary Cindy Spicker, MD!

Cindy celebrates her 25th year anniversary with Pediatric Associates this month. Thank you Cindy for your many years. 



Website Updates

This spring we have updated numerous parts of the website. The immunization page features our vaccine schedule and good resources on vaccine safety. Additional updates have been made to our resource pages on parenting, domestic violence, autism, and safety. Don't forget you can use our patient portal to request medication refills, non-urgent appointments, download physicals, and more.



Return of Satisfaction Surveys

You may be getting text messages asking for reviews from Pediatric Associates PSC after your office visits. Your feedback is very important to us, as are your referrals of friends, family, and co-workers!


Other News



Back to School Has Never Been Like This

Are you completely confused as to when and even if to send your child back to school for in-person classes this year? Well, join the club! In fact, most school administrators, public health experts and politicians are right there in the club with us. As a brand new illness, COVID-19 is still mysterious. But, let's start with what we do know.

1) COVID-19 Is a Risk to Kids and Their Families. We are constantly grateful that COVID-19 causes less illness and death in children than others. However, less illness does not mean no illness. In fact, there are some COVID-19 complications that are only seen in younger patients. Children and adolescents are also able to bring back the illness to others in their family, including family members who are at greater risk, including grandparents. Efforts at preventing the illness and its spread are worth it. Social distancing, easily accessible handwashing and mask-wearing all help and are important to continue.
2) In-Person School Is Helpful for Kids. Education, socialization and nutrition are better when kids can be in person. Efforts at getting kids to school are worth it, too. Each of our school districts have unique challenges and strengths. And what works will be different based on school size, student population, teacher and administration staffing and transportation requirements.
3) Schools Are Working Hard to Do Their Best. Here at Pediatric Associates, we have been impressed by all the thoughtful and caring questions we have been fielding not only from parents, but also from school systems. We truly are in this together and we all have one goal in mind: doing what's best for our kids. Listen to your local district, follow their directives and support them as best as you can. The school systems that have contacted us have uniformly been trying to follow guidance from public health experts. What has made this more complex and changeable has been the rapid, recent worsening of the outbreak in adjacent southern states. Coming up with a timely, safe and effective plan to return to school is a tall task, and we are very fortunate to have so many good schools serving us.
4) Be Prepared for More Changes. If we have learned nothing else from 2020, The Year of COVID, at least we have learned that things change. And sometimes, they change rapidly. This is a new illness and its infectivity in a globally connected world makes it the fastest spreading pandemic in human history. Surges of the illness are likely to continue. Our school systems will make adaptations in order to cope. Schools are like all other institutions. We are all learning as we go.

If you are looking for more common sense advice on this topic, check out the one of our favorite websites AAP's and their Return to School Article



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