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New Front Desk PSR

It is with great pleasure to let you know that Pam Wolfe has accepted a position as a PSR at the front desk. You may recognize Pam since she has been working as a Medical Assistant with us for the past 4 years. Please welcome Pam to the PSR Team! 



Happy Employee Anniversaries!

Shellie Brown celebrates her 20 year anniversary with Pediatric Associates this month. Steve Warrick and Courtney Lay will be celebrating their 3 year anniversaries. Thank you Shellie, Steve, and Courtney for your years of service.



Additional Ill Visit Location

Our Cold Spring office will be adding afternoon in person ill visits starting in January. Thank you to all our patients and staff for using our Mt Zion office as a dedicated "sick only" office during the Pandemic.


PANK Blog: The Dilemma of Testing for COVID 19


Many of us are worried about contracting and/or spreading COVID-19. It has certainly disrupted all our lives this year! Parents are struggling with many decisions – in person vs remote learning, attending sporting events and playdates, going out to eat at a restaurant, working from home vs going in to work, to name a few. One of the things we at Pediatric Associates PSC find challenging is who to test and how.

Read the rest of the Blog here.


New Patient Portal Is Coming

In the coming months we will be moving to a new online portal for our patients. We can expect a new look, new features, and more user friendly navigation. We will be sending out emails and updates on social media as the time gets closer. 



Flu Vaccines in the Office

We are scheduling flu shots and mist in the office. We have availability at our flu shot clinics on October 17 and November 7 at our Crestview Hills office. Shots or mist can be scheduled during the week as well at Crestview Hills or Cold Spring although appointment availability is limited. Social distancing and COVID protocols are in place for all visits. Call to make your appointment now!

If coming to our Saturday flu shot clinic please check out the video we put together about what to expect at the clinic. We made some adjustments to keep everyone safe during COVID.


Other News



Halloween Safety During the Pandemic

Check out the AAP's advice on how to make Halloween fun and safe during the COVID 19 pandemic.



To Flu or Not To Flu...

While dealing with a pandemic, it can feel overwhelming to take on even routine tasks. We all also know the challenge of getting your flu shot in amongst all your other commitments. Many families ask us, “With all that is going on, is a flu shot worth it this year? And is it even a good idea with coronavirus circulating?” Our emphatic answer is “YES!” Probably more than any year, this is the year to get your flu shot.
First, we have limited data on the novel coronavirus and flu together, but there were some reports in the winter and early spring that those who had both were more ill than if they had only 1 of the two. Furthermore, your body’s immune system is affected by fighting off viruses. Throwing another one at it while you just overcame one can be tough. Secondly, symptoms of the two can look very similar. It is worth the effort to try to prevent one so we don’t need to bring you into the office or send you for testing to figure out what is causing symptoms.



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