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Pediatric Associates Welcomes Emily Grad, DO


Dr. Emily Grad will be starting with us in September 2022. She is a native of Dayton, Ohio and attended Xavier University for her undergraduate studies. She then continued her training at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and  completed her pediatric residency at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. Dr. Grad has a special interest in newborn care and breastfeeding medicine, but her favorite part of pediatrics is connecting with families and watching children grow. 

Dr. Grad is excited to return to the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region as she fell in love with the area during her time at Xavier! She is married and welcomed her first child in February 2022. In her spare time, Dr. Grad enjoys spending time with her husband,  daughter Olivia and wheaten terrier. She also enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, traveling and cheering on the Xavier Musketeers basketball.


New Options for Great Providers

When scheduling your appointments remember we have some new providers you can schedule with. Dr. Jill Schaffeld has started seeing patients at our Crestview Hills and Mt. Zion offices so you can schedule with her for well or ill visits at this time. Dr. Jess Gardner has a schedule with us starting in August. As mentioned above, Dr. Emily Grad starts with us in September. We are so excited for you to meet these great new doctors who share the commitment to your child’s health that you expect at Pediatric Associates.



Need Paperwork for Camps or Sports this Summer?

Any paperwork you need can be filled out at your child's annual well visit. Please call to schedule now, don't wait until the last minute! Remember there are usually no co-pays or deductibles at the well visit.



COVID Update

As we emerge from the pandemic, advice has continued to evolve. We are in full support of using illness and hospitalization rates to determine public health response to COVID outbreaks. We expect health care facilities to remain masked for a while. Masking in our office continues to protect you and others from the spread of respiratory illnesses like COVID and flu. We also support COVID boosters for our patients over age 12 years. We have the Pfizer vaccine for our patients in the office. The vaccine continues to do an excellent job at preventing hospitalization and serious illness. Stay safe everyone!



Whats Going Around

Want to know what illnesses we are seeing in the office? Check out the "What's Going Around" section of our website. Please also check our Medical Info section for information about common medical conditions and medication dosing.



Are You Signed up on the Patient Portal?

Please sign up for our Patient Portal. It is an easy way to get your child's test results (like COVID or strep). These results are available as soon as they are put in the medical record in our office and you will be notified they are on the portal. Of course you will also have access to their growth charts, medications, allergies, immunization records and more.


Other News



PANK Blog: Dealing With Anger

Understanding our anger warning signs is a great first step in better managing the symptoms of anger such as yelling, throwing things, hitting, etc.

Warning signs are all of the things that we see and feel within our bodies that alert us that we are starting to get a little upset. Anger sometimes works on a scale and it can be beneficial to recognize our low, medium, and high warning signs. Some examples might be:

  1. Low- clench teeth, ball up fists, face gets hot
  2. Medium- stomp feet, sighing or huffing, shaking
  3. High- yelling, throwing items, hitting or kicking


A good activity to help younger kids recognize their anger warning signs is “Anger in the Mirror.” Next time your child is getting a little bit worked up, have them go to the mirror and look at themselves and point out all of the ways they can tell they are angry from their reflection. Further, ask them questions about how they feel inside. Does their belly hurt? Do their ears feel hot? Is their head feeling funny? All of this can help you as the parent better recognize and intervene when your child is at a low anger level, and possibly prevent the anger from getting too high.

Another important reminder: Try your best to stay calm when your child gets upset, and understand that your child is experiencing a big emotion that they need your help in navigating.

Check out this link from additudemag for more tips.




Tick Tock: Not What You Think..

Not talking goofy videos here, but the start of tick season. Spring ushers in the arrival of ticks and all the illnesses they bring. You can see a picture of the ticks we worry about here. There are a few things to keep in mind with ticks: 1) Learn how to safely remove ticks, 2) If you think the tick you removed is a deer tick, and especially if there is fever or rash (regardless of the type of tick), give our office a call, and 3) Check for ticks on your pets who go outside and when you are in deep grass or heavily wooded areas, and 4) remain calm as the vast majority of tick bites do not result in illness.



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