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Did COVID 19 Alter Your Child's Checkup Schedule?

If the pandemic threw off your child's annual physical, contact your insurance company to see if they allow a checkup sooner than 365 days from the last one. A lot of companies allow one checkup per calendar year. If this is the case, doing it sooner may help you keep the visits closer to your child's birthday. This is especially important for visits that require vaccines, such as age 4, 11, and 16 years - the state of Kentucky requires immunizations within 2 weeks of these birthdays.



Are you ready to travel?

With COVID-19 rates declining, we anticipate more travel options will begin to open up in the coming months. As you start planning your next adventure, we are here to help you. PANK has a wonderful and informative travel medicine program. We can help you determine if you need specific medications and vaccines, as well as provide you with destination specific health information. For more information or to schedule a travel medicine appointment, call 859-341-5400.

With any travel, we encourage you to please continue to wear masks and social distance to protect your children and family from potential exposures. 



Portal Registration

If you have not registered for our new portal now is the time. It keeps getting better and better! Results for all tests or labs that we do in our office or order for you are available on the portal. You may even get the results before your provider sees them. You can request a medication refill and various forms. Soon you will be able to request appointments too. We can also post documents to the portal so you do not have to pick them up in the office. To sign up email with your child(ren) name and date of birth. You will receive an email with your PIN within one business day.



Covid Screening Emails

 You may have received an email from Pediatric Associates including 4 simple yes/no questions screening you for COVID for your up and coming appointment in our office.
Here is why answering these 4 simple questions by email can BENEFIT you.
1). If you respond to the email we will NOT have to make a call to you to ask these questions.
2). If there are any concerns a nurse will contact you to clear up any issues regarding your appointment prior to you being in the office.

If you have not received a COVID screening email from us prior to your recent appointment please call our office to update your email information.
Our #1 GOAL is to keep our patients, parents, and staff safe!


Other News



Sneezin' Season

Like March weather, spring allergy season can come in like a lion. March is THE time to start your daily non-sedating antihistamine (like loratidine, cetirizine or fexofenidine) and daily nasal steroid (like mometasone or fluticasone) if you suffer from spring allergies. Tree and other pollens make this the worst allergy season of the year. Sufferers from spring allergies should plan on staying on these medications through May. 



PANK Blog: Resources for Discussing Suicide

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers which is why we take it very seriously. However, talking about suicide can be a very uncomfortable conversation. Here are some resources to help guide the discussion. Feel free to always reach out to us for additional information/ guidance.



Don't Fall for Vaccine Conspiracy Theories!

Like the false theories out there on other vaccines, conspiracy theories about the new COVID vaccines are all over social media. And like other conspiracy theories, these theories are spread by people with something to gain from spreading the misinformation. In the case of the COVID vaccine, it looks like we have Russian social media "bots" to thank, yet again. Don't fall for it! When you have the opportunity to get the COVID vaccine, please know that we are in full support of you getting it. We have!



COVID Vaccine Roll Out

Information about how and where to get the COVID vaccine has been difficult to find. As healthcare providers we recently had the opportunity to receive our COVID vaccine. This protection will allow us to stay healthy and fully staffed so we can continue to provide care for your children. We have asked the state to provide COVID vaccine to us so we can vaccinate our patients when there is enough supply. It is not yet clear if we will receive vaccine or not. We will let you know if we are able to offer this in the future.You can use this resource to to help you find a COVID 19 vaccine in Kentucky.



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