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Happy PANK Anniversary!

Kathy Stanken celebrates her 20 year anniversary with Pediatric Associates this month! Thank you for your many years of service.



PANK Blog: Delta Variant and Masking



Buddy Walk 2021

Save the date for the 2021 Buddy Walk on 9/11/21! Join and/or Donate to the PANK Team.



Whats Going Around

Want to know what illnesses we are seeing in the office? Check out the "What's Going Around" section of our website.



Fall Flu Clinics

It is time to schedule your flu vaccine. This year we will hold our flu clinics on October 2nd, 9th and 16th. The hours are 8am to 1pm. We ask that you bring your child in a short sleeve shirt so we can move people thru the line more efficiently. You can print off your consent form from our website and fill it out before you arrive. The flu shot is recommended for all, from 6 months of age and up. We also have the flu mist available. Please call and schedule your appointment as soon as possible.



Meningitis Vaccines

Is your child turning 16 years old soon? The state of Kentucky requires that kids receive the meningococcal vaccine within 2 weeks of their 16th birthday. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out with timing of sports physicals and yearly well child checks. Depending on when the timing falls with this, you may need to come in for a nurse visit for the vaccine to be compliant with the state of Kentucky.
For the states of Indiana and Ohio, the 2nd meningococcal vaccine must be given prior to entrance to 12th grade.



Annual Well Visits and Sports Physicals Video


Dr. Cavallo discusses getting your annual well visits, sports physicals, screenings, and referrals.







Masks continue at Pediatric Associates

With the new policies regarding masking in Kentucky and from the CDC, at Pediatric Associates we are a medical provider and therefore our staff will continue to wear masks and we will continue to require masks be worn by patients and family members while in our office. We continue to keep the health of our patients, families and staff as our top priority by doing all we can to prevent exposures to COVID-19. We continue to support and encourage vaccinations for all who are eligible to receive them. We hope that as more people are vaccinated and community numbers decline, we will be able to eventually return to visits without the need for masks.


COVID Vaccine Rollout


We have Pfizer COVID vaccine available in our offices.We are all antsy to get back to a more normal life, and, thanks to the miracle of modern science, we are! These vaccines work better than our wildest dreams. Safe, super-effective and easy to obtain, we could not be happier with them. Let's get back to our normal lives. Get your shot today if you haven't already!


Please call to schedule an appointment at our Crestview Hills office if your child is 12 or older and has not received a vaccine yet. If your child is in for a well check we can give them a COVID vaccine at any of our offices. We can also provide the second Pfizer vaccine even if they got their first vaccine somewhere else. We recommend the vaccine for all of our patients. If you have specific questions please check this resource or call to speak to our nurses.

If your child has completed the COVID-19 vaccine series, please let us know so we can add it to your records. You may fax your card to 859-578-3172 or email our medical records department

Other News



Fall Allergies and Asthma

For our patients with asthma and allergies the end of August and September hail not just the return of school, but also the fall allergy season. Historically in September we see an uptick in asthma attacks due to allergies and viral respiratory illnesses. This is a good time to restart your preventive asthma medications and allergy measures. Please see our website for helpful links and information.



Addressing Current Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

There has been a lot of very sensational media coverage and social media posts that are promoting false information about vaccines. We want to help give you information you need to help navigate these inaccurate and false claims. First, vaccines don’t make you magnetic and there is no vaccine technology that we are aware of that allows you to be tracked via the cellular network. Secondly, there is no evidence that the COVID 19 vaccines affect fertility. Thirdly, Emergency Use Authorization from FDA does not mean the COVID vaccine is an “experiment”. The COVID vaccine trials have been carried out in a very sophisticated manner, held to the same standards as all other vaccines, but due to the terrible outcomes that can happen from COVID the time frame for the studies has been a bit faster than some older studies. We have to recognize that this doesn’t mean it is rushed, just that using technology to track data (for example, reporting side effects via text message is much quicker than older methods), the ability to conduct studies at many institutions across the country, and the wonderful number of volunteers who have entered into the studies has made this all possible. We all know is that COVID can be fatal, that COVID can cause long-term illness and that we have a vaccine that can end this pandemic. We want to protect your child and family from all the possible negative outcomes of contracting COVID. The science shows the vaccine is safe and effective. Be sure to ask your provider or our staff if you ever have questions. We are ready for this pandemic to be over and we know you are too. We are lucky to have a great resource to share with you from our community’s very own world-renowned Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It helps us all to understand many of the facts and dispel the myths about the COVID Vaccine.



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