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Our Commitment to You

We are proud to let you know that as of October 1, our entire team at Pediatric Associates is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Our team is doing everything we can to protect you and your loved ones. Keep your heads up, Pediatric Associates family! Together, we will get through these challenging times.



COVID Vaccinations for Our 5 to 11 year old patients Now Available!

We are thrilled to offer the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine now to our patients aged 5 to 11years. We strongly endorse you giving your child this thoroughly-tested, safe and effective vaccine. Never hesitate to ask any of us in the office about this important medical advance that helps reduce illness in both kids and adults. We are giving the vaccine at all three offices, but by appointment only due to limited supplies. We continue to give the vaccine to our older patients as well. Call us today to schedule!

Here are some helpful FAQs and resources.



Pediatric Associates Values Independent Practice

You may have seen in the news lately that Cincinnati Children's Hospital is acquiring pediatric practices. We believe that we can serve you best by remaining an independently owned practice. We maintain strong relationships with Children's and St. Elizabeth Medical Center and plan to continue to do so. We believe that remaining independent but closely connected to these and other vital healthcare entities in the Tri State region allows us to provide the most comprehensive, personal and cost-effective healthcare for you and your family. As always, you and your family come first in our world.



Top Doctors of NKY 2021

Congratulations to Dr. deBuysDr. Bolling, Dr. Voet, and Dr. Deis for being included in Cincinnati Magazine and BestofNKY magazines's list of Top Doctors! The list will appear in upcoming editions.



Holiday Hours

Our offices will be closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New years Day. The Cold Spring office will be closed from Dec. 27th through the 31st. 



Whats Going Around

Want to know what illnesses we are seeing in the office? Check out the "What's Going Around" section of our website.



Gun Safety Locks Just in Time for Hunting Season!

As part of our effort to reduce teen suicide caused by firearms, we have partnered with the Kentucky Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Whitney/Strong Foundation to provide free gun locks to our patients. If you are interested, feel free to stop by any of our front desks. The gun locks are free of charge and will not be part of any gun ownership registry and no information will be shared with the AAP.



Masks continue at Pediatric Associates

With the new policies regarding masking in Kentucky and from the CDC, at Pediatric Associates we are a medical provider and therefore our staff will continue to wear masks and we will continue to require masks be worn by patients and family members while in our office. We continue to keep the health of our patients, families and staff as our top priority by doing all we can to prevent exposures to COVID-19. We continue to support and encourage vaccinations for all who are eligible to receive them. We hope that as more people are vaccinated and community numbers decline, we will be able to eventually return to visits without the need for masks.



Are You Signed up on the Patient Portal?

Please sign up for our Patient Portal. It is an easy way to get your child's test results (like COVID or strep). Of course you will also have access to their growth charts, medications, allergies, immunization records and more.


Other News



Holiday Safety from AAP

The AAP has an article about safety tips for food handling over the holidays. Have fun and stay safe!



Healthy Holidays

With the days becoming shorter and the weather becoming colder, it’s easy to develop the winter blues. The holidays may also be a time that feels overwhelming to you. We want you to stay mentally healthy through the winter and through the holiday season! Here are a few activities to engage in to keep your spirits lifted. 

  1. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. We would love to see 8-9 hours a night of good quality sleep.
   2. Take time to relax/enjoy your life: spend quality time with people you love, read, snuggle up in a heated blanket, watch a Christmas movie, drink hot chocolate, or light a candle. Whatever it is that makes you feel cozy and relaxed!
   3. Hold healthy boundaries and take some time to step back if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Your family wants to see you at your best and if that means taking some time to yourself to rest and recharge, you should!
   4. Keep your body moving! Even if it is cold outside, it is so good for you to bundle up and get some fresh air.
   5. Take some time each day to think about what you are thankful for. It is easier for your brain to automatically gravitate towards negative thoughts; try to see the positives in your life even if you feel that there aren’t any.

Please feel free to reach out to our behavioral health team if you feel that the emotions you are feeling begin to be too much! We are always here to offer help and support.

Happy Holidays!
Lauren Bryan



Local Sports

Congratulations to the Notre Dame Girls Soccer team who won state, and the St. Henry's girls Volleyball team who also won state!



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