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    April 2019


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    Vaccines in the News

    From a chicken pox outbreak in Walton to measles epidemics in New York and Washington state to an ongoing Hepatitis A outbreak in Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio, vaccine preventable diseases are making a comeback as people choose to avoid vaccines.  As you know, we at Pediatric Associates believe in modern medical science and in protecting kids, including the very young and those with compromised immune systems. We believe immunizations are an essential part of child health.  Dr. Deis recently gave a great interview on Cincinnati Edition about the importance of vaccines which you can listen to HERE under "Chickenpox Outbreak at Northern Kentucky School, Student Sues from Cincinnati Edition".  You can also find more about the importance of vaccines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    Fisher-Price Recalls Rock ‘N Play for All Ages

    The recall comes on the heels of an investigation by Consumer Reports that found 32 infants had died while using the sleeper since 2011. Some of the infants rolled over while unrestrained and some were unable to breathe due to their position.

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    Tis the Season to be Sneezin'

    Welcome to the year's most potent allergy season. If you suffer from spring allergies, now is the time to start your nasal antihistamines (e.g. fluticasone or mometasone) because they can take up to two weeks to reach peak effect.  And get your once daily non-sedating steroids on hand, too. Medications like cetirizine and loratidine act fast, but allergies can sneak up on you!

    Medical Conditions and Allergies in Children


    Safe Sleep Habits Matter

    We all get tired and we all know that infant sleep patterns can make us even more tired.  Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but safe sleep habits make a difference.  Sleeping on the back in baby-specific bed with nothing else in the bed is known to reduce the risk of SIDS.  You can learn more about safe sleep here.


    Have a Child Who Identifies as Gay or Transgender?

    Lighthouse Youth Service's Faith in Families is a program for families who are looking for support when their child identifies as gay or transgender. Knowing that parents operate from a place of love and concern, Faith in Families is a terrific program that can help you navigate a stressful situation with love and compassion.

    Practice News

    Congratulations Dr. Vance!

    Dr. Jodi Vance celebrates her fifteen year anniversary with Pediatric Associates this month.  Thanks Dr. Vance and here's to many more years.


    Expanding Check-Up Hours this Spring

    We know how challenging it can be to squeeze in all the responsibilities that you and your family have. Our patients have asked for more availability for school and routine check-ups later in the day and we heard you! Pediatric Associates is proud to announce that we will have availability for Tuesday and Thursday evening check-ups in the Crestview Hills office this spring and summer. We also have limited checkups available on Saturday mornings as well. We expect these appointments to be very popular, so call soon if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.


    PANK Blog:
    Tongue Tie: Medical Problem or Not?

    Over the past few years, the issue of tongue-tie, especially in newborns, has received a lot of attention.  From a rarely done procedure to one that has become a frequent concern in the nursery with regard to feeding, correcting tongue-tie is controversial.  You can read Dr. Cavallo's excellent blog post on tongue-tie.


    Pediatric Associates Families Help Prevent Injuries

    Families from Pediatric Associates helped researchers from Cincinnati Children's and Children's Hospital of Colorado test an app that increases awareness of bike and dog-related safety.  The article explains iBsafe and how it helps increase knowledge of safety.


    Parenting Corner 

    This month in our parenting corner, meet and learn about Whitney Rich, RD, LD, CSP. Whitney is a registered dietitian and meets with families at our Mt. Zion location. She can help you and your child with issues related to starting solids, sports nutrition, picky eating, eating disorders, tube feedings, poor weight gain, or family strategies for healthy eating. She will be joining Kerry, the Parenting Specialist this month for our Facebook live on Wednesday April 24th at noon, so join us if you have any questions about her services or nutrition for your child.

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