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    August 2017


    Fall Allergies

    Fall is the second most severe time of the year for allergies.  Ragweed and mold will be with us until the first hard frost.  Symptoms include runny nose, cough and itchy, watery eyes and can often be treated with oral anti-histamines like loratidine and nasal steroids like fluticasone.

    Call us if have problems during Sneezin Season! You can also read more on our website or at HealthyChildren.


    AAP Back to School Tips












    Vaccine Updates

    Starting in the 2018-19 school year the state of Kentucky will require the Hepatitis A vaccine for all grade levels and a booster dose of Meningococcal ACYW at age 16.  Additionally, the state requires vaccination of any home schooled child who participates in public or private school extracurricular activities. 


    Here is some additional information from the state.

    Practice News

    Website Makeover

    We will soon be launching an updated and enhanced version of our website.  Hopefully you will find it even more helpful! More Info to come.




    Bon Voyage, Dr. Reidy sniff, sniff

    All of us at Pediatric Associates are fighting back tears as we wish Dr. Reidy all the best as he moves on to his new role as Medical Director of the inpatient behavioral unit at Childrens Hospital in the next month.  We will miss you, Dr. Reidy and you always be part of our Pediatric Associates family!




    Pediatric Associates Welcomes Dr. Steve Warrick

    A big welcome from the Pediatric Associates family to our newest pediatrician, Stephen Warrick, MD! 

    Dr. Warrick will be joining us this fall and we couldnt be more excited about him joining us.  Steve is a native of Whitesburg, KY , a graduate of the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville School of Medicine and the pediatric residency at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center.  After Steves chief residency year at Childrens, he worked in the continuity clinic at Childrens and continued to pursue his interests in global health and resident education.  The only drawback that Dr. Hsu could find with him was his rabid devotion to UK basketball. Despite this shortcoming, we are confident you and your kids will love Dr. Steve!




    Safely Watching the Eclipse

    To safely watch next week's eclipse, your glasses must have the correct filter which is an ISO 12312-2 filter. They must also say certified and include instructions for use. These filters are safe for watching the eclipse but be sure to obey the following precautions:

    1. Make sure you have certified and not cheap knock offs that dont have the correct filter

    2. Make sure that the glasses fit and will not slide down or off during use

    3. Make sure that the glasses are in good shape and there are no cracks in the lenses

    4. Make sure the glasses are new and not from a previous solar eclipse when the correct filters may not have been available

    5. Make sure that the children understand that they cannot safely remove the glasses during the eclipse. Theoretically the glasses could be removed for a brief time during the period of totality while in the direct path of the eclipse, however, it is easy to miss-judge that time.

    6. There is no safe time to look at the sun if not in the direct path of the eclipse

    7. Make sure that they know that using binoculars or a telescope may actually make viewing more dangerous.


    The bottom line is it is very complicated and not very satisfying to look through the very dark glasses which block everything except just the light from the sun so there is a great temptation to remove the glasses or peak around the lenses. Consider indirect viewing with a pinhole. Also NASA has an excellent website that will live stream the eclipse.    




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