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    February 2020


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    Flu and Coronavirus


    It has been a very scary winter with two widespread flu viruses and now the emergence of coronavirus in China. While flu remains, by far, the much greater risk, please check on our website, our social media sites and this newsletter for updates on coronavirus as well.  We also recommend the CDC for reliable and accurate updates on these infections.




    Embrace Cooking to Promote Health                    

    Healthy eating is not an act of depriving. It is intentional and should be fun. And there are lots of ways to make healthy eating an act of love and togetherness. Watching a healthy cooking show together, trying a new recipe together, or taking a "Mommy & Me" cooking class at a KY Extension Service are a few ways.



    Flu Is Here!

    It is not too late to get your flu shot! Key facts about seasonal flu vaccine.

    We are seeing a lot of Influenza A and B now as well as strep throat and other viruses.  If you get a flu test in the office you will see a bill for 2 tests - one for A, and one for B. Insurance requires us to bill this way.  Thank you for your understanding and hopefully everyone stays healthy!



    Pediatric Associates Needs Your Feedback!

    As a small business and independent practice we depend on word of mouth for new patient referrals.  You may start seeing text messages to do ratings and answer a survey. We are excited to get your feedback!


    Whats Going Around

    2019-2020 FLU SEASON

    Practice News

    Pediatric Associates 28th Anniversary!

    We celebrated our 28th anniversary by having a PANK Prom. Here is a few pics on our Facebook page.

    Thank You Nurse Michelle Mitchell                         

    We want to give a big thanks to our departing Care Coordinator, Michelle Mitchell. Michelle has been instrumental in helping our patients with special needs. We, and our families who she has so diligently served, will miss her expert and compassionate care.  Good luck, Nurse Michelle! 

    Redwood NKY is Our 2020 Community Partner

    We are excited to announce that Redwood NKY is our 2020 Community Partner!  For over fifty years Redwood has been providing education and health services to some of the most fragile children and adults in the area. They offer a wide variety of services including preschool, after school care, summer programs, electronic assistance devices and much more! Please check out their website or call if you need a referral.

    Evening Well Visits Available

    Annual check-up appointments are important at any age.  They are especially important for infants through early adulthood.  To help accommodate busy schedules we have well visits available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our Crestview Hills office.  Please call to schedule your child’s annual check-up.  The earlier you schedule your appointment the more flexibility we have accommodating your schedule.

    Our Behavioral Health Services are Growing

    We are excited to welcome Malinda Paul, LPCC-S/RN and Lauren Bryan, Behavioral Health APRN to join Abby Schaber LPCC in providing behavioral health services

    Malinda has been a counselor for around 12 years working in a variety of settings.  She will be working with us as a counselor as well as a nurse.

    Lauren has been working in Cincinnati with an underserved population.  She will provide counseling and medication management.

    Both will be starting in January and will be at the Crestview Hills office initially adding time at the Cold Spring and Mt. Zion locations.

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