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    July 2018


    Other News

    School Approaching Fast! Get Your Checkup Now!

    If you need a check-up prior to school starting, be sure to call us as soon as possible at 859-341-5400. Annual check-ups are an important part of health and wellness, and there are several forms that schools need to verify compliance with immunization and athletic guidelines. Call us today if you need a check-up.




    Hepatitis Outbreak in Louisville Settles Down


    A recent outbreak of food-borne Hepatitis A has settled down in Louisville.  This scary illness can be prevented by getting your Hep A vaccine, which has recently been made mandatory for school attendance. In addition to vaccinating our patients, we also think that parents should talk with their medical provider about getting this important vaccine.


    Check on Your Child's Vaccine Status






    New regulations in Ky, OH, and IN for the 2018-2019 school year may mean your child is not up to date on their vaccines. Now is a great time to make sure your school has all the documentation they need for enrollment this fall. If you need a new certificate or your child needs to receive a vaccine to meet these new requirements call our office at 859-341-5400. We will be happy to assist you.

    Practice News

    Licensed Psychological Practitioner at our Crestview Hills Office

    We are excited to introduce Emmaly Meier, a licensed psychological practitioner.  Emmaly will be working in our office on Mondays and Thursdays starting this month.  She is able to see your child for a variety of issues including anxiety, depression and testing for ADHD.  Her experience includes being a school based therapist in Lexington.  Speak to your provider if you think your child could benefit by seeing Emmaly.


    Lactation Support Now Available



    We are excited to introduce a new service at Pediatric Associates!  Elise, a nurse here for 11 years, is now available for lactation counseling in our Crestview Hills office.  If you have breast feeding issues, speak to your provider, and they may recommend lactation counseling.  If you decide you want to see Elise, you can call our office and schedule an appointment.  She is usually in Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We recognize that although this is a “natural process” it does not always come easily to everyone. Providing this support for you both is important to us so that you and your baby can enjoy all the benefits of breastfeeding.  Please be aware that there is a charge for this service that is not billable to insurance.


    Meningitis Vaccines and School Requirements



    Requirements for meningitis vaccines in grade school, high school and college can be confusing.  Recommendations are dependent on travel expectations, living arrangements and medical history.  Be sure to ask us when you are in for your next visit if your family is up-to-date on these life-saving immunizations. And more information on vaccines can be found on our website.



    Register Your Newborn on the Portal










    When you are expecting a new baby, even if it is not your first, there are a lot of details to remember. Please don’t forget us when getting everything ready for the new arrival.

    To make scheduling your new baby appointment easier, you are able to register them on the Patient Portal prior to baby’s birth.

    Simply go to your family’s patient portal and choose patient registration on the left side of the home page. If you haven’t chosen a name for baby, enter the first name as “baby”. Baby’s date of birth should be entered as the due date.

    When you are ready to come see us after baby is born, simply call and follow the prompts to the newborn line. Make sure you let us know that baby is already registered in the system. We will update the information and schedule you for the first appointment quickly and easily!

    Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you and your new addition soon.

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