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    June 2019


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    Sports Physical: When, Where, Who Should do it?

    Why all middle-school through college kids benefit from a sports physical during well-child visit.

    Why see the pediatrician for a sports physical.

    What are some of the most important things examined in sports physicals?



    Chicken Pox Vaccine Helps Prevent Shingles

    A study published this month in the journal Pediatrics showed that kids who get the chicken pox vaccine had a 78% lower rate of developing shingles than their unvaccinated peers.  And getting two shots as is recommended reduces the rate even further.  This is a result that we expected, but one that had not been confirmed before.  Even more reasons to get your shots!                       

    Language Development Starts Early           

    Parents often wonder how best to help their kids with speech.  Reading and talking to them helps develop speech long before actual vocabulary forms.  If you haven't seen this video of comedian DJ Pryor with his toddler son, be sure to watch this principle in action.  And it might just be the cutest video ever recorded! 


     Drowning Prevention

    Drowning is the leading injury-related cause of death for children age 1–4. It doesn’t only happen when you are by the pool or at the beach; drowning can happen anywhere, even in one inch of standing water. Among children under age 4, 70% of drownings happen during non-swim times. It is quick and it is silent, but it is preventable.

    We can reduce drowning and save children’s lives by working together to implement safety measures we know will protect children. For a comprehensive list of resources and water safety tips, go to

    Sun and Water Safety Tips

    Fun in the Sun

    Heat Stress

    Water Safey

    Pool Safety

    Boating Safety

    Open Water Swimming

    Practice News

    Congratulations Shelly Voet!

    Dr. Shelly Voet celebrates her twentieth year anniversary with Pediatric Associates this month.  Thanks Dr. Voet and here's to many more years.

    Dermatology available at Pediatric Associates!

    We are excited to announce that Dr. Kara Shah will be working at our Cold Spring office one day a month.  Dr. Shah is a board certified pediatric dermatologist with her own practice in Kenwood. Prior to starting her practice she was the Director of Dermatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  If you would like to see Dr. Shah please call our office and set up an appointment.  We will determine if we can help with the issue and if not we will refer you to her.  We expect to always be able to get you in with Dr. Shah sooner than with other dermatologists in the area.


    Nutrition Classes Postponed

    The nutrition classes at our Cold Spring office will be postponed until this fall. We will send out updates once we have more information.


    Expanding Check-Up Hours

    We know how challenging it can be to squeeze in all the responsibilities that you and your family have. Our patients have asked for more availability for school and routine check-ups later in the day and we heard you! Pediatric Associates is proud to announce that we will have availability for Tuesday and Thursday evening check-ups in the Crestview Hills office this summer. We also have limited checkups available on Saturday mornings as well. We expect these appointments to be very popular, so call soon if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.


    Parenting Corner

    Have you ever wondered why your child acts a certain way or why you can’t reason with him when he’s upset? Have you ever started to feel confident in your parenting journey only to have your child do something that makes you question yourself? Have you ever wondered how to motivate your unmotivated teenager? If so, you are not alone. Parenting can be challenging, and unfortunately there’s no parenting book about your child. Understanding your strengths and your child’s strengths can help you connect and build a relationship with your child. Go to to learn more about character strengths and how they can help you. You can take their free online survey to learn more about your own strengths, and children and teens ages 10 & up can also take the survey. If you are interested in learning more about character strengths or about how to best parent your child, feel free to contact Kerry, our Parenting Specialist at our Crestview Hills location. Her services are offered through a grant, so they are complementary. You can reach her at 513-570-0941 or

    Tune into our facebook live with Kerry on Thursday, June 27th at 1:00 to hear more about her services& learn about how to use the Via Character Strengths in parenting. You are also welcome to ask any parenting question you may have.

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