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    Welcome Melissa Haag-Costin!

    We are happy to welcome Melissa Haag-Costin, LPCC-S to the PANK family. She is a counselor with over 14 years of experience. She will start seeing patients in our Crestview Hills office this June. We are happy to have her join our Behavioral Health team. Welcome Melissa!



    Happy Employee Anniversary Missy Rapp and Shaunda Weinel!

    Missy Rapp celebrates her 20 year anniversary with Pediatric Associates this month and Shaunda Weinel her 15th. Thank you Missy and Shaunda.



    Sports Physicals

    Most local high schools (and many middle schools) require an annual pre-participation sports physical. Our providers can complete the sports physical as a portion of your teen's well visit. One annual well visit in your teen's medical home is generally a covered benefit and includes a full review of your teen's history, a complete exam, and age appropriate screenings and immunizations. We have well visit appointments available now at our Crestview Hills and Cold Spring locations. You can obtain a copy of the KY high school sports physical form to bring with you to the appointment here, the KY middle school form here, and the OH form for high school here. If your teen has been in recently for a well visit but you forgot to have the form completed, please complete the history section of the form and give our nurses a call.


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    Maintaining Good Health During a Pandemic
    During this pandemic, reports are surfacing that vaccine preventable illnesses like whooping cough, chicken pox and measles are increasing, mental health issues are increasing and health maintenance activities are being missed. While it is important to avoid unnecessary activities, we feel strongly that preventive medical care remains important as well. This article from a practicing pediatrician nicely summarizes why it is important to continue medical care.



    Staying Safe in the Time of COVID-19: What’s a Parent to Do?
    We hope you are all staying safe during this unpredictable season. As we return to more of a sense of normalcy, like this return of the Pediatric Associates Courier, questions about what you can and should do become more confusing. The order to “stay home” is easier to follow than our current grey zone of constant decision-making and risk assessment.
    As we enter our new normal, we are all going to need to make decisions about what we feel comfortable with and what we are less comfortable with. And there is a ton of misinformation out there that is best ignored. As your healthcare providers, we get asked questions all day long about whether a family should take this trip or go to that activity. And the answer never seems straightforward. We will all need to make our own decisions on what to attend, where to go and how to keep safe. There are some concrete things to consider when trying to make a decision. Your final decision will then be up to you, but try to balance out what is serious from merely inconvenient.


    When making your decision, consider the following:

     1. How risky is the exposure? Factors that will alter exposure will be

        a. Time- Will you be there for more than an hour or two?
        b. Size of Gathering- The larger the gathering, the riskier. And if there are people you      are not around frequently at the event, those are all new exposures to you.
        c. Social Distance- Will you be able to stay distant from others? Activities that take          place outside are going to be much safer.
        d. Personal Protection- Will you have access to ways to clean your hands frequently?      Are the people you are going to be around good about wearing a mask, keeping              distances and washing their hands as well?

     2. What is the risk to you and your family? No one should feel guilty about protecting themselves or family members because they have a high risk health condition.
     3. What risk do you pose to others? If you have been exposed or been in a high risk situation, do not expose others if you can avoid it.
     4. What Is My Gut Telling Me? We are all pretty good at assessing situations that are not safe. Approach all activities with an escape hatch. If the grocery store is jam-packed, follow your instincts to leave. If a trailhead parking lot is full of cars and people not distancing, turn the car around and hike somewhere else.

    This link from NPR does a great job in showing how to approach 14 different summer activities based on this approach. Check it out!
    Again, the final decision will always be yours, but with practice, you will get better at assessing situations and making good decisions. And stay in touch with us and our website. We will continue to give guidance in the event of an uptick in cases or other changes. Be safe!



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