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    May 2018


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    National Immunization Week

    Since our founding in 1992, Pediatric Associates of Northern Kentucky has been a strong proponent of vaccines.  They are among the safest and most profoundly impactful interventions that we do in medicine.  Since the late 1990's there has been controversy about the safety of vaccines and a link to autism and/or other developmental disorders.

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    New Calorie Guidelines Go Into Effect


    As of May 2, new federal guidelines requiring any grocery store, restaurant and convenience store with more than 20 locations to post calorie counts on commonly sold food and drinks went into effect. These new guidelines help us as consumers make informed choices. So be on the lookout for them and pay attention.  Knowledge is power!


    Traveler's Health


    Many of our patients and families are planning to travel out of the country for spring break or this summer. Whether you are traveling for fun or a mission trip, you should make plans well in advance to make sure you have all the medications, vaccines and supplies you may need.  Please see our Travel Health section for more info.


    May is Bike Helmet Awareness Month


    Bike helmets save lives

    3 rules to follow when biking

    Properly fitting and wearing

    Spring Allergies


    Flowering trees and plants will soon be pollinating the air in the tri-state. If you are a spring allergy and asthma sufferer this is a good time to think about re-starting your allergy medications. Don't wait until your child is wheezing or their face is swollen! See here for more information.

    Urgent Care: Is it Worth the Wait?


    The best place for children to receive medical care is at a pediatrician's office. But, sometimes kids don't wait for office hours to get sick or injured. So, what should you do for those times when your baby runs a high fever during the night or your young athlete hurts his wrist at a weekend practice?

    The American Academy of Pediatric's (AAP) recommendation is here.













    Practice News

    We Love Our Staff


    May brings Staff Appreciation Week at Pediatric Associates. Our staff of Patient Service Representatives, medical assistants, nurses and administrative staff make our jobs possible.  Big thanks to our whole staff!




    Solution to Your Parenting Challenges



    A parenting Specialist from Beech Acres Parenting Center is staffed in our office Mon-Fri to help connect parents to community resources and provide at least one clear next step to your parenting challenges.

    Parent Connext is a complimentary service available to familes. Your doctor can refer you or you can contact our on-site specialist Kerry McPhail, at 513-570-0941.

    Provider Schedule Change This Spring



    Starting in May, we are adjusting practice locations for our providers to improve availability and access.  A particular provider may now be in a different location than what you were accustomed to on that day.  Transitions can always be a little confusing to start with, but we hope you will like our new set-up. And as always, please feel free to request your preferred provider and location. Thank you for understanding our efforts to serve you better!

    Get Shot Records From the Portal


    Have you been getting letters from school about vaccines for the 2018-19 school year? Need an updated immunization certificate? Not sure if your child is up to date? Check our patient portal and you will see the vaccine forecast predicting what your child needs and you can request a vaccine record that can be printed off at home!

    Please follow these directions to print out the official state of Kentucky vaccine certificate.

    Register Your Newborn on the Portal


    When you are expecting a new baby, even if it is not your first, there are a lot of details to remember. Please don't forget us when getting everything ready for the new arrival.

    To make scheduling your new baby appointment easier, you are able to register them on the Patient Portal prior to baby's birth.

    Simply go to your family's patient portal and choose patient registration on the left side of the home page. If you haven't chosen a name for baby, enter the first name as "baby". Baby's date of birth should be entered as the due date.

    When you are ready to come see us after baby is born, simply call and follow the prompts to the newborn line. Make sure you let us know that baby is already registered in the system. We will update the information and schedule you for the first appointment quickly and easily!

    Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you and your new addition soon.





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