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    Sepember 2019


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    Get Out There!                 


    The more research is done, the more we learn of the health benefits of getting outside. Mental, physical and emotional well-being is all increased by contact with nature. Grab a Grow Outside Greater Cincinnati guidebook the next time you are in the office and learn more about health and nature.


    Need Help With Feeding?

    Struggling with the particulars of feeding your toddler or young child? There is a great free app available for your iPhone or Android.  Go to the App Store or Google Play and search "parenting mealtime" to get to the Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime app from the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  When you put in your phone number and your child's age, you can even get sent text messages with ideas on how to advance foods for your child.  It's a fun little app!                  


    Don't Know How to Talk About Drugs with Your Teens?

    Check out this practical site on strategies to start the difficult discussion about opioids and other drugs with your kids. These are not pleasant or easy discussions, but they can be life-saving.


    Outbreak of Lung Disease Associated with E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping

    CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), state and local health departments, and other clinical and public health partners are investigating a multistate outbreak of lung disease associated with e-cigarette product (devices, liquids, refill pods, and/or cartridges) use. What they know so far.

    September KACO Post: A License to Roughouse 

    Physical activity comes in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes the most important types are types we don’t even think about. Recent studies indicate that involved parents who play physically with their kids not only help their physical conditioning, but their emotional regulation.  Play on! 


    Whats Going Around



    Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

    Sore Throats

    Upper Respiratory Infection

    Practice News
    Congratulations on 15 Years!

    Most of you have probably not met Suzy but you have been touched by some of her great works.  She is the creative force behind the signs and banners in our office.  She also heads up our HR department and seems to be able to do most anything we can think of. We are happy to work with Suzy. She makes our life at Pediatric Associates a bit nicer and she works to make your time in our office nicer as well.

    Pediatric Associates Welcomes Michael Janensch, PA-C

    We are looking forward to welcoming the newest provider to the Pediatric Associates family, Mike Janensch. Mike completed his Physician Assistant training at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA and most recently worked in a rheumatology practice in Petoskey, MI.  But Mike is returning to his roots by joining us.  He initially planned on pediatrics as his chosen field and also grew up in Kentucky.  Welcome home, Mike!

    Upcoming Flu Clinics

    We will be conducting flu vaccine clinics again this year on Saturday mornings from 8am until 1pm at Crestview Hills down under on October 5th, 12th, 19th, and November 16th. Please call the office or use the Patient Portal to set up an appointment time.

    Due to production issues and limited national supply the flu mist will not be available.

    We ask that you dress your child in short sleeve shirts, the morning you come to the clinic. You will be asked to fill out a flu consent form for each child.

    Expanding Check-Up Hours

    We know how challenging it can be to squeeze in all the responsibilities that you and your family have. Our patients have asked for more availability for school and routine check-ups later in the day and we heard you! Pediatric Associates is proud to announce that we have availability for Tuesday and Thursday evening check-ups in the Crestview Hills office.

    Parenting Corner

    Welcome to the Pediatric Associates parenting corner. For most of us, school is back in session. Getting back into a routine can be helpful, but it can also start to create challenges if your child doesn’t want to go, or the dreaded homework battles or packing lunches. Identifying as a family what type of routine works for you as well as what you all value can help you avoid getting into power struggles. For example, if your 1st grader is asking for help getting dressed; you may really want her to dress herself as you value independence, but you are worried about being late. Start by identifying what is most important to you in that moment. If you value being on time over working on her independence, then it’s ok to help her. If you value independence, then getting into acceptance that you might be a few minutes late can help create a calmer interaction around encouraging her to dress herself. Looking at the bigger picture can help you frame what is most important to you in that moment. If you are having breakfast or lunch battles, Whitney Rich, our Dietitian, is available to work with you at our Mt. Zion location. If you are having any school related challenges or any other parenting challenges, feel free to contact Kerry, our Parenting Specialist from Beech Acres Parenting Center, to set up a complimentary session to find some strategies for you and your family. Kerry is located at our Crestview Hills location.


    Join us for facebook live on our Pediatric Associates Facebook page on Sept 25 at 2:00. Whitney Rich, our Pediatric Dietitian, will be joining Kerry to answer any questions.

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