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    Welcome to this special edition of the Pediatric Associates Courier. With all that is going on in our world, we wanted to give you some special updates on 1) helping your kids deal with issues around race and discrimination and 2) COVID-19 and where we see things potentially moving over the next few months.

    Helping Kids Navigate Racism and Violence
    Recent events can spur a lot of questions for all of us. How do we unknowingly practice bias? What does it mean to stand up for what you believe in? Why is the world violent? All these questions and many more have been stirred up by recent deaths and videos of those events. Fortunately, there are many resources that can help you take tough questions and disturbing events and hopefully make them into an opportunity to foster understanding.
    As we do with kids with other difficult conversations, it is important to let your kids guide you with how much detail to give. But do bring up difficult topics. There are a lot of things that they are encountering in the media, with friends and elsewhere. They will have questions and concerns, and it is much better that they hear tough topics from you. We love the website from the American Academy of Pediatrics, and this article has
    great practical tips for parents
    We also have a variety of resources on our website to help you through these challenging times. Here is a pdf of
    several resources.  And, we have other ideas for you on our Parenting section.

    COVID-19: Where Do We Go Next?
    A recently published study in the journal Nature from the University of California estimates that our social distancing efforts of the last few months prevented 60 million coronavirus infections in the US. You read that right, 60 million! That is almost 20% of the US population, and it is a truly amazing number. And it is a number to celebrate, but cautiously.

    Unfortunately, this also means that the vast majority of us are still susceptible to the virus. We haven’t gotten immunity to it yet. Therefore, the risk of a second wave is very real. What does this mean for us? At Pediatric Associates, we think there are some very important take-home messages.


    1) A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Coming. We are very encouraged by Dr. Fauci and his feeling that we will have a vaccine in several months. Possibly even by early 2021. The vaccine may not provide a lifetime of immunity with the first forms of it, but it will hopefully provide a good level of protection. We are staying on top of this evolving story and will we will let you know as this important therapy becomes available.

    2) Other Vaccines Rock Too! We feel that it is critical to stay on top of other vaccine-preventable illnesses like whooping cough, measles and hepatitis. We also feel that it will be more important than ever to get your flu shot this year. Getting the flu with coronavirus is expected to be very dangerous. Additionally, getting fever and cough during a pandemic from another source will unnecessarily complicate your diagnosis and treatment.
    3) Antibody Testing Is Coming Too, Eventually… While it is not yet “ready for primetime”, testing for COVID-19 antibodies is steadily improving and becoming more available. As it does become more available, we hope to gain understanding of who is immune to the virus and who is susceptible. Current testing for antibodies is not reliable. There are too many false positives and false negatives for it to be very helpful yet, but we are slowly getting there. Again, stay tuned!
    4) Keep Up The Good Work. It is important to continue wearing a mask in public and practice social distancing as well. Here is an article about the
    importance of wearing a mask. If you want to make your own mask see this article on our website.



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