Resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics
Resources from the CDC.
COVID 19 updates from Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
A one stop shop for information and links to getting a vaccine.
Indiana's COVID 19 site.
Use this website to help determine when and where you can get a vaccine.
This is a resource for state wide information, including the vaccine distribution plan.
The latest local updates.
Landing page for all things COVID 19 in Ohio.

Articles & Handouts

Cincinnati Children's Hospital COVIDS 19 testing sites.
What to do while waiting for your results and advice if it is positive or negative.
AAP Info On Covid Vaccine for Kids
Explanation of different tests and scenarios for testing.
KHSAA paperwork to return to play sports. This requires an in person office visit.
Discussion of safety of the vaccines in children, pregnancy, and breastfeeding moms.

Since the beginning of the COIVD 19 pandemic Pediatric Associates has been working hard to adjust to the needs of our patients and community. We are following all relevant guidelines in terms of cleaning our offices and using appropriate protective equipment. Our providers and employees have been working hard to stay available for both ill and well visits in person and video visits by telemedicine. Most of our staff has received the COVID 19 vaccine.  We thank our patients and their families who have been incredibly understanding of all the rescheduling that has taken place!
Starting in May 2021, we are scheduling ill visits and well checks at all locations as in years past. Thank you for traveling to further away offices as we adjust our schedules!