Medical Home

Welcome to your pediatric medical home!

The providers and staff of Pediatric Associates are pleased that your family has chosen us as your child's healthcare providers.  We are committed to providing  a high quality, coordinated, accessible, patient-centered medical home for your child.  We hope you will review this information to better understand our roles as your partners in care for your child.
As your pediatric healthcare provider, Pediatric Associates PSC strives to provide care that is:
  • High Quality - Families can expect evidence based care from our providers for your child for well care and sick visits.   We will also provide support for our patients and families to better self-manage their health. 
  • Coordinated - Our practice is concerned about all aspects of your child's health.  We are responsible for coordinating your child's care across multiple settings, including specialty providers, behavioral/mental health providers, home health, and hospitals/emergency departments.  Our physicians maintain rounding privileges at St. Elizabeth Healthcare for newborns and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for general pediatric inpatient admissions. 
  • Accessible - Pediatric Associates wants to make sure you have access to quality healthcare information, contact with our office,  and appointments when needed.  The office is open  Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm at all locations, and on Saturdays at the Crestview Hills location from 8am - 12noon (except for six holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Years Day).  If we are not able to accomodate the demand for ill visits during the day, we will see same day ill patients after 5 PM. There is an after hours fee applied to your insurance to cover the cost of staying open. Clinical advice through our nurse line and same day sick appointments are available during regular office hours.  (We encourage you to call as early as possible if a same day sick appointment is needed).  After office hours, a provider from our practice is always on call and can be reached through the main office line (859-341-5400) or (513) 820-2312.  If you think your child might need after-hours care, we request that you call us FIRST so we can help to coordinate that care through the appropriate facility. If you call in for medical advice, please be sure to have ready:
  • pen and paper
  • your child’s age and weight
  • child’s temperature, if you suspect, and
  • your pharmacy’s phone number
We do not batch or screen calls so most calls are returned within thirty minutes of the time you place your emergency call. If you have not received a call back within 30 minutes, please call us back. Occasionally, an operator dials a wrong number or our phones will malfunction. As always, use your judgment if you need more urgent assistance by calling 911.
  • Patient centered - With each encounter, we strive to place our patients  first.  Our goal is to address patient and family concerns at every visit.  We will also discuss the child/teen's health directly with him/her in an age appropriate manner.  We will develop health goals in collaboration with our patients and families.
As your partner with us, Pediatric Associates asks our patients and families to assist us by:
  • Keeping us informed - In order to effectively serve as your child's medical home, we must have comprehensive patient information such as medications (including over the counter), medical history, health status, recent tests, self care information, and any visits to facilities outside of Pediatric Associates (including hospitalizations, ED visits, specialty visits or urgent care visits).   We also need to know if there are changes to your health insurance information.  Please inform us if there are any changes in your child's health at each encounter (phone or office visit).
  • Scheduling recommended well visits - We can provide your child with the highest quality care if your child comes to Pediatric Associates  for his/her recommended well visits.  Please see the Well Care section on our website or ask our staff when your child is due for the next well visit if you are not sure.
  • Letting us know how we can help - If your family is in need of community, mental health, self-care, or disease specific resources to help manage your child's health, please let us know.  Many such resources can be found directly on our website.
Medical Home Handout